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  • Fresh Water Pump Chemical Pump Pump Package System Motor Fan Valve Heat Exchanger Flow Meter Water Tank Sterilizing Equipment Pressure Tank
    Weihai Guxin Machinery Co., Ltd located in Weihai city, Shandong Province, China is professional fluid equipment and energy saving system provider. The main products are including pump, pump package system, sterilizing equipment, heat exchanger and pressure vessel etc. Products are widely serviced in municipal and industrial markets.

    Tel.: 86-631-5868091

    E-mail: guxinmachinery@vip.163.com

    Address: No.99 Shichang Avenue, Weihai, China

    Whatsapp: 0086 13792781521

    Copyright:Weihai Guxin Machinery Co., Ltd 魯ICP備16049205號
    Address: 708,No.99 Shichang Avenue, Weihai, China
    Tel.: 86631-5868091   Fax:86631-5868081    Webside:www.zxbanglin.com     E-mail: lotus6221@163.com   
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